Stop the Hate, Spread the Love

As most of my close friends know, writing haikus/poetry in general is a strange, yet entertaining hobby of mine. I don’t usually post any of them because I already get enough comments on how weird it is that I do this in my down time, not to mention I actually enjoy it. Thanks to the media, all of the hatred against Israel continues to spread.. with no solution to the middle eastern conflict in sight. I have decided to share a rarely broadcasted perspective on the middle eastern conflict: an Israeli’s perspective. Keep in mind, I have witnessed, first hand, how both sides are treated. (I have traveled to Israel and its surrounding Arab territories almost every summer since I was 3 years old).
This haiku was not intended to put down any other group of people. It is merely a response based on personal attacks made by Anti-Semitic extremists.
Thanks for your time,
Karen Ben-Moyal

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