Commentary on: Video Title: Barack Obama’s Brother to Make Film Debut in Anti-Obama Documentary (Exclusive Video)

Please see video by clicking on this link:


How does one expect an individual to take care of a country when the political actor in question, does not even care for his own family?  I am sharing this because it is the first exploitation of a liberal, political actor I have seen, in like a decade. Instead of believing the unsupported claims that are so heavily forced upon us by blatantly biased propaganda, and even our own schools from our professors. With respect, it is crucial to the future of your children and children’s children, that you try OPENING up your mind. Do your own research on all of these unsubstantiated articles that you usually come across on the internet and most newspapers today. After some analyzation and critical thinking, it will become quite apparent and obvious to any U.S. citizen, that these outrageous claims do not contain the slightest bit of evidence, or any sort of validation really, behind their arguments. Don’t do it for me, do it for the sake of this nation, yourselves, and your loved ones. Maybe having the chance to view the perspective that is so infamous without reason, so hindered by social media, and ultimately labeled obsolete by the social left, just maybe this will enlighten you and open up a door you never knew existed. I am writing from experience. You have nothing to lose, only the chance to gain a perspective that is so truly divine and so prosperous, one can only appreciate it once you deeply engage in understanding it. And once you have fully comprehended the theoretical concepts of constructivism, as well as the founding principles established by this great nation’s constitution, you won’t ever doubt your belief system again. Believe it or not, we still hold these truths. For now. Thanks to the cleverest, most patriotic European refugees to ever exist, we are automatically born into these self-evident, inalienable rights for all men (& women) to prosper, as he or she so chooses. These rights, that are too often taken for granted, will never change. There will be no exceptions for any man (or woman), until the end of time. No matter the time in history, these truths benefit and sustain our system as the common, natural and legal, law. And they will ultimately guide us in protecting the most sacred right of all, freedom. These natural (legal) rights, automatically given to a citizen of the United States, give the people the power to choose their own destiny. In other words, we all possess the same equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; it is up to the individual to decide whether and how use it. And it all starts with the broadening of your mind, and isn’t that what “Liberalism” is all about? You tell me.

Copyright © 2016 [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.


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