“Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue:” A Defense of Capitalism and the Founding Principles/Truths Americans Still Hold

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Ronald Reagan 

“Courage transforms fear, and oppression stands no chance against faith beyond belief. This nation of hope will continue to flourish forever on the founding principles of liberty and freedom. These truths that we still hold remain protected by our natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Texas exercised some of these rights in becoming its own, sovereign state. For this reason, Texans tend to identify themselves the most with these core values, than any other state in America.”

Karen Ben-Moyal, 2016

“Unfortunately, it’s human nature to take things for granted quickly. When you’re used to drinking water every day, sleeping under a roof, having clothes on your back, having freedom, you get complacent and take things for granted; in other words, you forget about the hidden beauty all around you.

And this is not a good thing.”


“To adapt to American principles, is to adapt to man’s truest state in nature.  Shouldn’t justice and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be a primary virtue in any society?”

Karen Ben-Moyal


Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

A huge concern has come to my attention. In order to introduce you to what we are dealing with, I pulled a quote from Aristotle. In a nutshell, the ancient Greeks warned us and nobody listened because it was seemingly impossible. America is facing a dilemma like never before. Capitalism is being replaced by socialists, our inalienable and universal rights are being threatened, and ultimately, Anti-Americanism has spread rapidly (and mostly within America,) to the gullible minds of America’s youth. Along with other groups of ignorant individuals claiming to be moral in their progressive thinking, they are realistically exploiting their own prejudices upon immigrants and other minorities. We know this because they can never put their actions to where their alleged moral mouth is.

First of all, this did not happen over night. The process of brainwashing American society with poorly researched claims that have little to no evidence of  support has been a slow “progressive” process in the making.

And Aristotle totally called it when describing  the ‘Dangers in Democracy.’

“Another kind of democracy is where the mass is sovereign and not the law. This kind arises when decrees are sovereign instead of law; and this happens because of demagogues.”

In other words, the left wingers of the supreme court, and all other leftist actors in charge, have twisted and prodded the fundamental law of the constitution to such a degree, our constitutional protections along with the rights of the American people have become small. The smaller the voices of the people become, the more the government expands, which leads to subsidies and then dependencies on the government. This strategy was in use during the rise of Hitler, and was created in order to develop the illusion that government is trying to help us. In reality, they are gaining more and more control of the people, creating an exponential amount of subsidies. This allows for government to over reach into citizen’s lives. Thus, limiting our freedom of the American people.

Shouldn’t justice and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be a primary virtue in any society?

Our founding fathers sure as heck thought so.

It is up to the people to decide whether or not freedom is worth the fight. We do not realize how delicate and fragile the future of humanity really is when living in the 21st century. We must carry on practicing the founding principles given to us by the founders of this country. On the contrary, many of us take those “self-evident truths” for granted.

As one of the only college students who still holds the regrettably unique concept of American  pride; I shall start by stating that I identify myself as a Texan first, and an Israeli/American second.

Admittedly, I do declare that my Texas pride has roots as deep as the state is wide. It is a badge of honor we wear with pride, and it is as much a part of our identity as any other element of our background.

Why  don’t we focus on what we actually have the ability to change? In retrospect to terrorism, it is shockingly concerning that the left is endorsing the theory of climate change being more dangerous. I contest that the significance of the 2016 presidential election goes above and beyond any the U.S has ever seen. The future of Innocent American lives depends upon the state actors, NGO’s, and the state itself.  

I contest that the upcoming presidential election holds astounding significance in comparison to any other before it; so significant that the election of the civil rights movement does not compare. 

But why does the presidential election of 2016 matter so much? 

The answer to this question is shockingly a parsimonious one. However, the reasoning behind the assumption is rather complicated. 

Objectively speaking, the 2016 elections will either signify an end, or it will make way for a new beginning. 

The future of democracy lies within the hands of the citizens of this country. And that is depressing. 

How did we get here? How did we LET us get here? 

The future of Liberty is at stake, and without this fundamental truth comes the inevitable outcome of a socialistic-communist America. 

This election will determine whether American democracy stays or goes. That’s a terrifying thought right? And if you aren’t scared, you should be.

No matter the verdict, drastic changes are coming and they will affect each and every individual, and not just Americans. The entire world will feel the repercussions of this election’s outcome. Not only because we are the worlds biggest super power, but because of the principles, inventions, and technology America has contributed to the world. The gaining of an American sovereignty led to the success of so many country’s independence And wealth. 

No one ever thought possible that these certain European refugees could migrate to a foreign land and establish a nation of sovereignty, based on philosophical principles of liberty and self-government. Everyone is so quick to say that Americans “stole” land from the Indians through form of conquest.

If America was never created, the world would still function on the primitive idea of conquest, or land being acquired by force. Without the existence of the U.S., slavery would still be the world’s major source of manual labor, trade, and income. The creation of paid jobs would have never been thought of, with capitalism out of the question.

In a hypothetical situation, let’s assume that everyone in the world is given ten marbles at birth. I want to collect more marbles, but cannot take any marbles away from anyone else. How can I possibly do this without conquest? Before the creation of America, primitive logic had never come close to discovering an alternative solution to obtaining property without the use of forceful measures.

You never hear anyone mention or give credit to America for inventing the idea of wealth creation, and how truly divine it is that our ancestors were literally able to create something, from nothing. This highly advanced thinking was soon adopted by every other nation in the world. Nations that had been there for centuries before the roots of America even began to form.

Such gains include the concept of wealth creation, a theory so virtually divine, every single country in the world has adopted it since. The former theory, known as conquest, was the only way humans knew how to acquire land and/or property. The self evident truths of a prosperous nation was so unheard of. In fact, the impact that the extinguishing of capitalism from a capitalist born society will create a domino effect of failed states. 

How strange would it be for you to have never known the beauty of freedom? Imagine the thought of  having the freedom to speak, choose, and make your own decisions being unrealistic and mythical at that. 

Well, you won’t have to imagine much longer if a Bernie or a Hilary score a seat in the Oval Office. The future generations of this country will hear only the stories told by us, about a time when there was such thing as justice, equality under the law, and above all, the right to life Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Imagine these concepts being foreign to you. Is that what you want for your children and grand children? You want them to grow up in a world that they are not able to have the same opportunities as you did, they won’t have the option to sit in the driver’s seat of their own destiny or believe they have the ability to be anything or aspire to whatever height they so choose. If that is what you want for your kids, I am afraid this country has turned upside down and spit out, while mocking us in the process. 

The liberal media, newspapers, social media, NGO’s, your college professors, Barack Obama, all of these actors combined have you brainwashed. 

It is my firm belief that we do not own up to what is right and what is sanctioned in the hearts of every American, we are headed for the total destruction of the most indestructible nation in the history of man kind. We know it as the United States of America. Others that look up to us know us as the land of the free. 

“So what if people disagree about values? People also disagree about facts. . . .
In my view, the great intellectual challenge facing conservatives is to make the case for morality at a time when many in the West have ceased to believe in an external moral order. The decline of belief in such an order is the most important political development of the past two centuries. Indeed, this decline has created the “crisis of the West.”
Dinesh D’Souza, Letters to a Young Conservative

As I stated before, The solution to this dilemma is quite parsimonious. The survival of the US is not the only one at stake. So do we wish to continue prospering in the land our forefathers risked persecution and enslavement . Were their efforts to sacrifice themselves for freedom in vain? Or is it just “cool and OK” to disregard and insist the wipe out of the greatest regime in the world?

What it comes down to it: we can say for certain that the virtue of Freedom is always worth the fight. And Now, more than ever. This begs the decisive question of whether or not you are willing to do what it takes In order to defend this American made principle of Liberty? The sad reality of today is that, as a whole, Modern American would detest the concept of freedom, arguing that the benefits of freedom belittles in comparison those of socialist countries. However, research and evidentiary support based on proven statistics, history, and even moral reason tells us that this is just another poorly researched, unsupported claim that was generated and spit out of the alleged, self proclaimed “moral mouth” of the  leftist. In addition, immigrant or foreign individual visiting the US would disagree and strongly disregard such an bogus claim. Despite the fact that this is a whole other argument for a later date, I can give you a personal example-

When Kenya became independent in the early 1960s, it was at the same economic level as South Korea. But Kenya took the socialist road and South Korea took the capitalist road. Today South Korea is many times richer than Kenya. Sure, there are important cultural differences between the two countries. But we can also verify the superiority of capitalism to socialism by comparing South Korea with North Korea. Same people, same culture. Yet North Korea remains desperately poor while South Korea is a comparatively rich country. India suffered the same fate as other socialist nations—it had a stagnant economy, and indeed for nearly half a century India was symbolized by the “begging bowl.”

I urge you to vote conservative in the 2016 elections, for the failure to do so will physically and symbolically result in the communistic bloodshed of this American regime. 

It is up to the individual to ultimately decide whether or not they are capable of living with responsibility of having their fellow American’s blood on their hands.

“The progressives pose as the champions not only of fairness and social justice but also of compassion. They are the ones who insist on our obligation to those from whom we have allegedly stolen. Let’s leave aside for the moment whether they are right about the theft. What we do know for sure is that progressives assert there has been a theft. They further acknowledge that they are among the beneficiaries of it. Based on this, they would seem to have a clear obligation to return the stolen goods that they are currently enjoying. We might expect, from this analysis, to discover that progressives are the most generous people in America. We can anticipate that they contribute the highest portion of their incomes and time to help their wronged and less fortunate fellow men and women. The truth, however, is that progressives are the least generous people in America. I saw this personally with Obama, who unceasingly declares that “we are our brother’s keeper” even as he refuses to help his own half brother, George, who lives in a hut in the Huruma slum of Nairobi. I met George in early 2012 when I interviewed him for my film 2016: Obama’s America. A few months after that, when I was back in America, George called me from Kenya to ask me to give him $1,000 because his baby son was sick. Surprised, I asked him, “Why are you calling me? Isn’t there someone else you can call?” He said, “No.” So I sent him the money. I guess on that occasion it was I, not Obama, who proved to be his brother’s keeper. And besides George, the president has other relatives in dire need—his aunt Hawa Auma, for example, sells charcoal on the roadside in rural Kenya, and desperately needs money to get her rotting teeth fixed. Although Obama is aware of their plight, he refuses to help them.”-Dinesh D’Souza


Think Piece (International Relations/Foreign Policy): Thoughts on Syrian Crisis

The conflict resolution to the civil war in Syria cannot be resolved until the United States can agree upon a strategy that will finally halt the blood shed witnessed by Syrian civilians on a daily basis. An unbiased, comprehensive analysis of theoretical research must take place before concluding the most probable cause of conflict. We must also consider motivators that led to this conflict, and ultimately decide on the most effective resolution we must use in order to cease the hardships and violence forced upon Syria’s innocent civilians. In order to establish a long term, strategic plan for peace among the people of Syria, we must accept the fact that the struggle does not lie anywhere else except within the borders of Syria. At its core, the main conflict in Syria is the balance of power among actors residing in its region. As the death toll of innocent civilians in Syria rises, the rest of the world must ask itself whether the United States should take the Neo-Realist, Neo-Liberal, or Constructivist approach, in deciding the most efficient and effective way of bringing the Syrians long-term peace. By applying each theoretical approach to International Relations to the Syrian crisis, and by using examples of these approaches in describing the primary factors that led to the current instability of Syria, I will argue and ultimately determine that the most useful resolution to the conflict in Syria can be best accomplished through a neo-realist approach.

Prof. Mohinder Kumar in his “Theoretical Aspects of International Politics” has identified three basic assumptions on which Morgenthau’s Political Realism is based; these are

Firstly, the statements desire to pursue their national interest.

Secondly, the interest of every nation lies in the expansion of its influence, territorial, economic, political and cultural.

Thirdly, States use their power, which is also defined as influence, in the protection and furtherance of their interests. According to Morgenthau power is most fundamental of all political activity. As he says “all permeating fact which is the essence of human existence Power is “Control of man over man.” “Political power is a psychological relation between those who exercise it and those over whom it is exercised.”It is primarily an end but can also be a means to other ends. Since the national interest does not remain static, the possession and expansion of power remain essential to safeguard national interests. Every political action seeks to keep power, to increase it, or to demonstrate it.

Structural Realism, also known as Neorealism, sets out to explore the conditions under which peace is the most likely outcome. Neorealism claims that the best chance for the survival of a state is power. In other words, this perspective causes us to assume that the more powerful a state is in comparison to others, the more chance it has to survive. Therefore, states are always seeking to tip more power in their favor. The other basic assumptions of Neorealism are summarized as follows: 1. States are always the most important actors. 2. No central global authority, the world is anarchic. As opposed to classical realism, which distinguishes the ideas of self-interest and human nature as being the problem, this outlook on realism is a more inclusive one. It tells us that anarchy is the real problem. 3. The main goal of states = survival. 4. States are rational actors. The realist approach to international relations holds the perspective that each nation is virtually on its own and in constant pursuit of power and security. For this theoretical approach, power equals peace. In other words, a nation that contains power is capable of regulating peace. This resolution on creating peace requires full U.S. cooperation. In order to end the Syrian conflict and help restore peace for the Syrian regime and its people, the United States must intervene. According to a neorealist, this approach would also benefit the United States because it could gain more power in the Middle-East by intervening in the conflict. This method would definitely help ensure security in the Middle-East, while theoretically gaining power for the U.S.

In contrast, neoliberals suggest taking more peaceful actions by entering in international negotiations with the participation of organizations such as the UN and NATO. Together, they attempt to involve realist methods in finding solutions, while incorporating these international organizations and/or agreements in finding alternative, peaceful solutions. The goal of this perspective is to create effective international institutions and agreements that aim to avoid war as an outcome, and at all costs. An assumption made by Liberal institutionalism is that all states are rational actors. Therefore, it is assumed that since states behave as rational, they must view war as unpredictable and outrageously expensive. The final assumption made by neoliberalism is that the world is already naturally anarchic and that states are always self-interested. In other words, self-interested states are in opposition to the maintenance of an anarchic international system.

A constructivist argument would say “in order to cease the bloodshed in Syria. Then the system that was in place, or Bashar Alassad, will need to step down and be replaced by a group or system that is either more inclusive or holds the most social clout with the Sunni majority.

International and intrastate theories eventually reside in the question of power. In the situation of Syria, realist ideals, such as those of Morgenthau, relate to the people of Syria’s attributes by claiming human nature as being the motivator for the desire for power. This classical realist aspect may be fitting when it comes to a particular actor, such as Bashir Al-Assad. A political actor seeking stability in power, for both himself and his country. As he attempts to control and maintain the balance of power within the Syrian region, one could contest that this containment of power will inevitably end in struggle and could have been related to the cause of the Syrian System of Government to fail in an attempt to gain control of too much power. The balance of power, especially in the regions of Syria and the Middle East, is a never ending battle in seeking the most amounts of power for their individual governments and people. Therefore, Morgenthau was correct in stating that human nature, is merely a natural motivator in seeking the desire for power, one could argue this natural instinct will always inevitably end in war or conflict, no matter how hard a government tries to prevent it from happening.

In conclusion, Realism as a theoretical perspective within international relations theory is often conflicting with the liberalist view of war and peace. It is understood by Realists that war is a tragedy. However, it is deeply understood that war is inevitable within the current system of international relations. According to classical realist Kenneth Waltz’s archetypal view on three images of war, he determines that war is, in fact, a distinguished product of human nature, a product of state behavior, and a product of the anarchic international system. Therefore, seeing as how human nature cannot be subject to change, there should be no question as to whether or not a state should be able to use its right to military capabilities and force, in order to defend itself and protect its people.

© [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

Political Quotes Created and Documented by Yours Truly. © [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

© [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.

“The Act of Forming an opinion is simple, however, forming an opinion based on fact can be quite difficult. This here is the reason that so many have their facts  and opinions intertwined to the point of no reason. “



“Together, our contrasting diversities serve as the venues for which the virtues of justice and freedom flow. We should embrace our disproportional characteristics as Americans, for we owe our nations’ success to this divergence of a melting pot of people and culture differences, stemming from all walks of life.”

“Our INEQUALITIES are what drive capitalistic societies into becoming the FAIREST systems of government, in the world.” -KBM

“To adapt to American principles, is to adapt to man’s truest state in nature.  Shouldn’t justice and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be a primary virtue in any society?” –Karen Ben-Moyal

“Respectfully, I have just one basic question for you Self-proclaimed feminists: Why can’t women celebrate the magic only we can perform and that men can’t? Instead of striving to be like men, why not embrace our gender’s unique abilities?
– Ex. The ability to create human life is the single most miraculous process performed in this universe. So much so that it is truly beyond human comprehension. Yet, this formula is only endowed upon one gender. In fact, it is impossible for men to ever experience growing another life form, developing it for 9 months, and then producing the end result by escorting it out of ones own body. The miracle of life is just one example.”
– K. Ben-Moyal

“I suppose ignorance is truly bliss for the American that can comfortably live in a world with persistent acts and threats of terror, yet still seem to accommodate the discombobulated phobia of rising temperatures that seems to be sweeping the nation. It is indeed remarkable that these political actors of bewilderment were able to come up with such a disturbing trend. Political ignorance has created the idea of terrorism as an illusion, and in turn, has created the unnerving fear that climate change will be the inevitable cause of our early deaths. From an optimistic perspective, my hopeful prediction is that the cause of this outrageous accusation is lack of knowledge, for ignorance trumps sheer stupidity.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

“We, the people, must always remind ourselves of the sacrifices made by those certain, famous refugees from Europe, who escaped the political torture of a monarch ruled by a tyrant king. Together, these men founded the most epic and profound recipe in history. A recipe that we use today in our everyday lives. A recipe so unique, its ingredients are forever printed on the back of the American one dollar bill. Proof of this established ‘novus ordo seclorum’ will forever read in Latin ‘a new order of the ages.’ This nation’s great seal lays underneath a one-eyed pyramid and is permanently stamped on George Washington’s back. It serves as our virtuous reminder of the profound righteousness and divine sanctity of freedom, by securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The results of these American-made principle include social and economic justice, which serve as an ever-lasting vision of sovereignty. As long as we continue to pass on the traditions of American values, the people stand united, both in liberty and in freedom, a more perfect union shall undoubtedly prevail and conquer.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal
”No one ever thought possible that European refugees could migrate to a foreign land and establish a nation of sovereignty, based on philosophical principles of liberty and freedom. Everyone is so quick to say that Americans “stole” land from the Indians through form of conquest. But no one ever mentions or gives credit to America for inventing the idea of wealth creation, and how truly divine it is that our ancestors were literally able to create something, from nothing. A genius concept that would forever change the course of history. If America was never created, the world would still function on the primitive idea of conquest, or land being acquired by force. Without the existence of the U.S., slavery would still be the world’s major source of manual labor, trade, and income. The creation of paid jobs would have never been thought of, with capitalism out of the question. Thus, the ongoing cycle of a socialistic society and use of slavery would deem the ideas of freedom and liberty virtually impossible, and men would forever live as corrupt political animals.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

“After participating in hundreds of political discussions with an open mind, I have not only concluded that I am definitely a republican; I’ve carefully diagnosed Liberalism as being a seemingly contagious, mental disorder. With the right amount of ignorance, the disease can cause permanent damage. According to my observations, the risk of susceptibility is higher for humans that tend to hold specific characteristics such as being young, lazy, or unemployed.  They often contain little to no education, usually have a pompous sense of entitlement, and most ludicrous of all, attempt to justify their arguments by defending their own prejudices with hypocrisy.”

 Karen Ben-Moyal

” A market with an infinite number of transactions cannot be proven to work in practice, nor in theory. They are doomed from the very beginning, just like an addict will eventually run out of drugs that sustain them, a one way market will inevitably run out of money they did not have to begin with. Democracy has been historically proven to triumph over socialist-communist countries. The absence of a middle class allowed Communistic rises in the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917; the Chinese of 1949, the Cuban of 1953-59, and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. All of these revolutions were the ruin of their respective nations, because the Communists themselves became the very same brand of elitist upper class they had overthrown.”

Karen Ben-Moyal

© [Karen Ben-Moyal]. All Rights Reserved.