Is Your Personal Quest for Self-Righteousness More Important than your Country?

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A Message for the #NeverTrumpers Whom Have Steered So Far to the Right, they’ve consequently Ended up on the Left:

Cruz may have been the most conservative candidate, but that doesn’t make you the most conservative voter. When you join with the establishment in opposing Trump and help the Left to win, you are not upholding righteousness;

You are deluding yourself.



Edmund Burke once said of patriotism: “To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.”

I wonder: if the men who fought and died for our country in order to establish America as the shining city on the hill could see what the Democrats are doing to her now, would they consider America “lovely?”

Hell, we can’t even keep an eye on Old Glory anymore. All aquaintance is most certainly forgotten, yet, we refuse to honor our word and show respect when OUR flag is waved.

We demand equality, yet violently protest at presidential campaign rallies and spit on one another for having opposing views. 

….because this is apparently who we are as a people now.

It is of critical importance that We, the people, begin to come to terms with this notion of reality, a concept that requires honest admittance to one self that we, you and I, are born of human descent, and therefore encompass all that is possible through human nature. Human nature is a given, something we are born with. Something that all men, from here to Tim Buck Two, are born with.  Moreover, we must admit to ourselves that being human comes with the prospects that give us natural rights. These rights were inscribed into the American constitution so that we may never forget them. Now, it is high time we actively enact our duties as Americans, by keeping sacred, the rights to live and to prosper, or to not. The choice is up to you.

And that is a beautiful thing.

We must unite to fight for our rights, (to party.. ha ha).

…Seriously though, as free Americans, we must ensure that the USA-born traditions that come with freedom and all that it ensues, are strong enough to last for generations to come. It is our duty as American mothers, fathers, grandparents, and everyone in between, to ensure that our children have the same opportunities that we had in life.

We need to ‘secure the blessings of liberty, to ourselves, and our posterity,’

…so that we may grow and prosper as a nation, as a culture, and ultimately, as truly free human beings. 

We must realize it is our sacred duty to protect the rights were born with, or have acquired through American citizenship.. the rights to own property, the rights to live as equals among your fellow men and women, no matter your class, race, ethnicity, gender, etc… 

With this being an election year, the importance of a strong republican group on campus is vital to promote the core principles of the United States. Our commitment TO building an America, where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish, is being swept under the rug of the 21st century, and being outrageously taken for granted. As individuals in a representative democracy, the biggest weapon we have is our right to vote. The power to vote is both a sacred form of democracy, and a privilege. We, the People, should always honor this duty. We should exercise this freedom in respect for the men and women that sacrificed their lives, and for the future well-being of our nation in general. However, an overwhelming amount of young voters aged 18-24, have chosen not to vote in recent decades. The youth vote has the potential to drive the presidential election this year. However, voting in the 21st century “is more like a trend” on college campuses. I feel like if you don’t know much about politics, don’t vote. Younger people don’t, because it’s not so much part of the culture anymore, they do not feel as though it is their duty as American citizens. This country cannot take another presidency focused on extreme liberal ideology. Students, by a wide margin, support Bernie Sanders. We must shift this tide of socialism being viewed as “cool.” Many conservatives are falling back into their liberal roots and the liberal trap of self-righteousness in their anger over Trump’s victory. They would rather go down in defeat than support anything less than perfection. Thinking you can make this a perfect world is what immature liberals believe. However, the Republicans are in part to blame for letting this foolishness, their delusions are assisting the left in furthering the suicide of our nation.

Self-righteous hypocrisy is a trait of the Left. When you are following the evil you say you oppose you may want to re-examine your priorities.

The Bottom Line: Delusional conservatives think sabotaging Trump will make them heroes

     “My learning and my knowledge may be profound, though not  nearly profound enough. In fact, I often find more truths in not knowing, and I am confident that the more I learn, the less I know. And in my universe, the axis on which my conscience eternally spins,  is most self-evident of all  ” 

-K. Ben-Moyal

“…Our greatest challenge is to awaken the minds of college students to the cause of their own salvation and the salvation of future generations so that they may live as free and flourishing human beings…

After all,

 …TO change the country, America’s young revolutionaries have to do something truly revolutionary: They have to convince their friends to vote like old people.”

K. Ben-Moyal

⇒ Further, We, the People, must open our minds instead of simply regurgitating what you hear from your professors and classmates or social media videos. We must finally connect the dots that have been right in front of us the entire time. We need to do what is right for us and our posterity; this requires critical thinking and logic. Question everything and believe nothing. Not until you, yourself, have looked up the facts that you may not even want to know. Do it. It is your children’s freedom and livelihoods at stake. Moreover, it is important that we truly question our basic beliefs once and for all, we must end this period of being hindered by what I like to refer to as this nation’s “fantastic shadow.”

If you want a revolution, you have to vote for it. Not just every four years. Not just for cool candidates. Not just for political outsiders unsullied by the soot of experience.

I am here to unveil a curtain, to unmask the demons in disguise who wish to control us, and ultimately, to focus on transforming the status quo.

Like it or not, we now have a presumptive Republican nominee for President. We have to get over these crazy divisions. It is time for us to all realize that the American dream is hanging in the balance. We don’t have time for petty differences within the GOP party. Democrats win because of their greater drive for victory and superior ground strategy, but we are the wealth creators in this country. It is our wealth they want to take. The Democrats are playing to win; we are playing as if it’s for the fun of the game. We have been fighting in one corner of the battlefield and they have been doing the long march through the institutions of our culture. We can change that this year. We must.

Everyone knows the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Regarding the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, it looks like we’re somewhere between four and five now:

The attack on Trump is already underway: Americans of both party affiliations continue to unleash their fury on Trump, calling him a racist and trying to link him to the KKK—you know, the organization that required you to be a Democrat before you joined?!?

– While the anti-Trump groups have outlined a state-by-state bid to deprive him of the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination and to force a contested convention in Cleveland — what would be the GOP’s first since 1976 — there’s growing worry that such an event could be traumatic for the party. Trump has said there could be “riots” if he’s denied the nomination — and while many Republicans, including Kasich, have condemned those remarks as inciting violence, many also fear the consequences if he is right. Folks, the way to beat Trump is, was, and always has been, to beat Trump. A euchred convention at this point would be a very, very bad idea. You’re too late, suck it up and get with the program.

→ Some are lying to themselves, some are seeking out their own self-righteousness, and some are truly blinded and remain ignorant towards reality. It can happen to anyone – brainwash tactics are constantly being spewed in our daily lives. Most of us do not realize it.. WHICH is precisely why I am here. Open your eyes America- today’s blatantly biased media and education system- which is, by the way, funded and owned by the government in power, share a symbiotic relationship with one another. Each of these major outlets continues to collect their own personal gains right in front of us. They are making a mockery of the citizens of this great nation; reaping the benefits for our suffrage in return. 

My goal in writing this, was to argue and defend the reasons to vote Republican in this next presidential election. The reasons that one should not simply “stay home” and/or whine about Donald Trump being the “least conservative” candidate will contribute greatly to my argument. I contest that the best chance this country has, requires every Republican voter to suck it up; and to UNITE.. To stand up against the face of evil by coming together and  raising awareness… Together, we may strive for the common good,  and in this case, work towards what should be EVERYONE’s end goal– in defeating Hillary. Once again, I declare that it is of the utmost importance– that the GOP not give in to the forces that continue strengthening the pressures dividing us. Those same forces have already caused the largest division America has seen since the Civil rights movements were enacted, **(those of which were invoked  by REPUBLICANS and passed through REPUBLICAN legislation).*** The conquering and dividing of a nation by one political party, has caused the facts to not only become misconstrued, but have once again,  successfully caused the distortion of facts that remain hidden behind the curtain of the Democratic Party. They had a very good reason to do so, and had a very easy time doing it. IT is simple: After discovering that most Americans do not tend to question their trusted government, for it is the only government written of the people, for the people, and by the people. Many ignorant Americans have become all too comfortable being born into this era of ease, the era of the Millennial.  This way of thinking is actually what has caused our demise, and has indirectly assisted with helping evil prosper, and unintentionally allowing the “Regressives” to continue covering their tracks, to this day. They’ve certainly done a number on this nation, from slavery to enslavement,  how far will we Conservatives let this go? IT is WAY past time  for us to step in and finally do something about this negligence, this neglect being thwarted upon the innocent citizens of America, time and time again. Let us repeal and banish the evil doings that have been done unto the ones that continue being fooled. Let us do so by lifting the veil, and by exposing once and for all,  the true colors of the Democrat regime. Whilst taking a stand and voting against the criminals that still remain at large, let us liberate the eyes and hearts of our fellow Americans, once again. It is up TO US to vote the LESSER OF TWO EVILS THIS UPCOMING ELECTION… or, I am saddened to say, that I genuinely fear the worst for this country. A Clinton presidency would so utterly transform America–as to make it unrecognizable. No more will America be a land of opportunity. Instead, it will be a land of rapacious crony capitalism, run solely for the benefit of friends of the “Obamas” and the “Clintons” and the “Democratic Party”…AKA the undercover criminals. It will, in fact, be the fulfillment of a dream for the criminals still at large, the criminals that make up the Democratic Party. I will hereby exploit the hidden  agenda that a party has had from the beginning…a dream of stealing America for the politically favored few…

   With extensive research, and through use of multiple channels, sourced with sufficient data and support for evidence, I shall further entail in my analysis, the answers coupled with the explanations, to address and debunk the most common myths and assumptions Americans have come to believe and unknowingly rally for. The distorted, entangled, political web, that has seemingly spun out of control, due to the non stop lies and misconceptions consistently being fed to the people. This ancient tactic, used by dictatorships throughout history, has been made possible by societal impact of today’s major outlet sources. The 21st century has molded a sort of false reality into almost every American’s brain- a liberal dogma if you will; a dogma being nailed into us on a daily basis, only because of today’s falsified scandals and bogus reports, the ones that are made possible only by the leftist worthy news reporters and writers… Read and brought to you by the most biased, opinionated, left wing, power hungry hoaxers and even your college professors and school teachers, who are all, by the way, in on the hoax for the same reasons. These reasons are quite parsimonious when one ponders them after realization of their existence. They all have the same agenda, and will do whatever it takes to acquire their own personal gains, even if it means destroying anyone that stands in the way of their plans to effortlessly persuade the individuals that make up America’s youth, or even the average Joe that comes home from work, just in time to catch the five o clock news. Who are these people? What are the outlets they use to feed their victims? Behold, they are none other than those whom consume and dominate our: 1. Mainstream Media, 2.Academia, 3. Our Liberal government that we’ve let run our lives for the past eight years. When one follows the money, and the truth that history provides us with, one can no longer be blinded by these wrong doers and slave enforcers. It inevitably becomes clear as day, that these groups stand to gain a fortune. The gains rewarded to them are as follows: 1. Power 2. Money $$$, and keep in mind: These people stand to gain trillions of dollars... not just millions, not billions, but trillions. They are slyly getting away with it, and with ease. Money = Power. Pretty twisted right?! Especially because they’ve done such a great job putting their faults and fraudulent claims off on the Republicans, who regrettably remain defenseless in their silence. That is why I am here, to enlighten, inform, and to change the way you all see conservatism. I will prove that conservatism, at its core, is not just a philosophy for govt, but a philosophy for life; and for truly living.
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