The Feast of Miracles

The miracle of rekindling the most sacred of bonds; as blood brothers we stand, united in our undying leaps of faith; the determination and hope — although frail — we never lost site of the vision beneath, the gut of our souls we’ve survived, through the hope which kept our spirits alive; Through a shared purpose we once sought, in houses divided, through struggle and triumph we are found; for the greatest of rewards are received through faith beyond belief; sealed in the unity of brotherhood, the dream worth the wait; a union indivisible for the rest of our days, And so we give eternal thanks— as we acknowledge the blessings we know to be true, our rivers which flowed from opposite streams, we return to the waves of love turned the tides with which can be s ocean blue. Never again will we be torn apart, we are aware that our fates our G-d could only bring to bloom. Irrigated in the purity of our hearts, together we’ve burned away the darkness, our rays illuminated all the shadows of doubt, casted away to the depths of the ocean floor.

A great miracle however, was to take lead of the downwards course of events; the effects of justice soared steadily throughout the lands and seas, and this caused the start of this great miracle.

Thus, before we even realized it ourselves,

Israel watched, alongside the entire world,


A Great Miracle Happened;


and There.

Once lost, meant to be found. We give thanks to the Almighty, our greatest strength; through all the strife that brought us to the summit of our paths. We are forever grateful, Adonai, Our Rock, Our Redeemer, Blessed be He, In Love, Amen. 🙏 .

witnessing these phenomena
unintentionally and collectively, all creatures to this day remain in awe
of knowledge that resonates within The flames of justice, discovery of where they are held
can infuse the light over dark
the keys to the door of answers, locked away for the ancestors
of the brave
who fought for the freedoms we share
within each individuals core,
is the admittance of a truth increasingly hard for some,
mainly the weak minded,
to ever bare
as seen literally when one takes a glance
at Lady Liberty with her torch
lighting the way towards the salvation of the rest of all the nations
from sea to shining sea
She Serves as the marker
the emblem our hearts will forever long
Old glory in all her might is the life force
the drum which fuels the world we share
In song;
Shone through wisdom
batting the veil of one’s inner eye
is the key which unlocks the box Pandora cannot play
Peace through strength
is only possible when the forces of nature agree in spirit and in body
Mankind and trees sync to conduct the freest trade ever known
for the elements of the universe must combine
to produce prosperity, but one without the other cannot do it alone
to equalize the air we breathe, and the water which gives life
to the partners above and below
sea level, that is
CO2 and O2 share the wave lengths
Even on an axis
filled with planets
in stagnantly constant cycles of “mysterious” retrograde
Red, white, and blue
is to a shark
as is to the warriors of Mankind
to defend Her counterparts
Her brothers and sisters without a voice
Are chanted by way of God Light and Will to achieve the beliefs envisioned by a Higher Command
for the most precious way we could ever repay Adonai
We Thank God for these blessings
And the few who have the platform to preserve and promote
Forsaken in a covenant bound long ago
cannot be forgotten
even in our modern times we must recall ancient glory of our ancestors and past legends of triumph
The sun, moon, stars, fire, wind, life itself
Here’s to those who choose to fulfill this purpose
Here’s to those who even make it to realizing it
the majority will never be fully aware
until they Realize we all walk and swim
the same terrain
growing from the same seed
the roots which stem into coral reefs
the wounds of heroes past are really present
those who know this are given the challenge
the responsibility to uphold these natural laws
for the betterment of all
is to live in a globe with harmony at its fingertips
A land where ambitious dreams sprout into realities
just As the caterpillar meditates while in transformation
The butterfly in all of us wants to shine
All societies, all ecosystems together Live on to sing
A love song which intertwines
forever orchestrating colonies
of revolutionary times
birds and humanity
march to this same beat
Just as an ocean gathers all water in the end of its reign
Nature and the Laws which protect Her
carpe diem
seize the days of our existences
utilize this awareness to reach the means
the means to an end we all wish for
to spread our wings that only freedom brings
our feathers are the flight paths which open the hidden doors to expose
the truest understanding is recognized when traveling in the way of these truths
A unique flight for each organism
Yet one in the same
The colors of the wind
share the same flame
as the waters and as the stratosphere are painted by artists
who abide by the law founded at all life’s beginnings
the seeking of true happinesses
can only be found by reaching the destiny of those who will it to be done
if the tune of a war drum
is silenced
through recognition
trial and error
through admittance
encouraging the significance of the colors
the rain that falls
and the bow that shoots
the arrows of justice
ensuring completion to another hard earned redemption
the end and start of another pursuit
Another storm came and went
whether it be for our successful harvests
whether the will
the gift of rebirth is to the dawning of time and space
is to the ever changing senses
of the human race
we have more than 5 senses, one could argue our senses are infinite
through meditation and killing all fear
our mind body and souls reproduce
when the dusk has fallen to the moon
the opposition of forces all around us
march to a rhythm for life to go on
Sounding the notes of light and of happiness
The bells of freedom ring
the rising sun is a daily sign
the law of attraction is inherited within
for hope to come back to us once more
to overcome the battles and finally win the next war
another step in the ladder conquered by those
who choose to honor
the home of the brave is a promise meant to be kept
whoever intends to fight for this universal right
whether youre a mermaid or merman
whether you’re a liberal or republican
his Land was made for You
And for me
crown thy good in all your endeavors
Beauty is the most colorful when the grains of sand
which separate world cultures and histories
And yet connect us all
we must unite to fulfill the duty we all have to the Creator of all this magic here on Earth
The lending of a hand
is the motion which rotates us to reprimand
this notion
Bizarre most will die without receiving the true essence of it all
The few will stand in unity and rise against any who wish for our fall
The future of all of us is truly
in our fins, wings, in the leaves of our branches, and
in the PSALMS of our hands.

The signals painted in daily oppositions
Such as the moon and sun
each rising to signify the Day and the Night
revealed by the shadows of our choices and our futures determined
by this conquest to seek all all truths no matter the strife
our inner eye lies in the realm between this light and darkness
the guiding force which gives you all life’s toughest answers
the ability to see clearly is obtained in between the changes of charges of energy
what is wrong and what is right
The rarest of gifts are only found in the twilight,
for the twilight is always the signal that youre on the right track
towards the greatest destiny of yourself and our world
Our energies are embedded within the twilight
Within the mysterious interchanging of events which do not seem to attract
unless you focus your microscope on a higher learning you only acquire
through the notice of the dawning
the true essence of the end
the meanings behind the signals givin rise
lies with the twilight
awakening your senses in seconds, before abd afrer the dusk
the twilight is the best friend you rarely get to see
The friend you trust with everything you are
The most cherished being you would give your life for
the partner made in heaven, literally side by side His command is where your earthly vessel chooses to stand
the friend you can soar with, the amigo you can always count on for your answers and guidance and forgiveness when you ask
the friend you choose to trust with your life and well being at all costs
The best friend you owe,
at the very least,
to honor this trust, the mutual feeling must go both ways
your relations must become balanced equally, tied together by strength and mostly the love
the love your best friend has for you, the genuine enthusiasm they will never lose in wishing you to succeed
together you work to fulfill all greater good,
even if not realized at first, the effects of your bond
will have an impact on the freedoms to come for those who have yet to be able to choose,
those who lack this freedom will eventually be redeemed,
your efforts to strengthen the relationship and closeness you share with your best friend,
In the case anyone else may assume differently,
I am justifying God as having the potential to one day become your best friend in your eyes,
for in God’s eyes we are all his most cherished friends,
His children livin by way of His command
Choose your best friend wisely,
if my advice counts for something, I would argue
that by instilling your trust in your Maker, maximizing this trust symbiotically until it is forever,
because He deserves your trust in return, In God, I trust, In God, we should all trust,
just as much
as your best friend has for you.
eliminate all your fears, let your soul harmonize,
trust the twilight to give you the vision needed in real time,
you must look further beyond the now to continue down the righteous road, which mountain to climb is given more than you know.
The twilight which shines in between all matter and all waves
as energy travels through these venues of power,
the flight which begins and ends in so many ways
within the bud of every flower
the seeds of our destinies began at an end
as above and so below
our souls long to comprehend
for unity and for shared peace
our inner fire fuels all organisms to grow
once their inner eye truly sees the mountains yet to be reached, the mountains drawn in white snow..
Until then my friends of the earth and the seas,
embrace the Feelings shown by the rays
given by the aqua when pressed against your skin,
for we are all chemically and physically bound to the 4 corners of the earth,
as One Nation Under God we can overcome all who wish to control our world,
through unity and high faith no tyrant can conquer nor divide
if you stay willingly blindfolded, I can only wish you would one day you can allow
Your soul to see the covenant

Kindle the taper like the steadfast star

Ablaze on evening’s forehead o’er the earth,

And add each night a lustre till afar

An eightfold splendor shine above thy hearth.

Clash, Israel, the cymbals, touch the lyre,

Blow the brass trumpet and the harsh-tongued horn;

Chant psalms of victory till the heart takes fire,

The Maccabean spirit leap new-born.

Let it burn, let it shine, may this flame of life ignite

Eternally, inside of me, Ive come to realize,

The flame which lights my soul,

Are the rays which sparked you and me, hard to believe but this

wisdom is sealed into my destiny,

Origins of the the universe are carved into the soul

Indescribable, yet so are dreams deja vi and black holes

All of sudden reality kicks in

And the explanations for such phenomena

Not sure how

Not sure why

But I know I’ve always had it stored within my heart

Dormant in front of our eyes

And In time

I hope for You to soon realize

Suddenly all that science and religion cannot describe

Come alive in my mind

No not as pure imagination

But obvious facts of life

Like an equation of destiny so on par

The vessel that was the very first shooting star

never really went too far

Once you accept this faith of Indescribably permanent wisdom makes it undeniable

Once you’ve opened your eyes you soon realize that very same wisdom set in me, is the me of the past future and present galaxy

Always has been and always will be

For The roots of my tree cannot tell a lie

My Destiny lies in phi

My soul is phi

Yeeah The golden ratio of life

It shines away the shadows

I can feel the beat of

The heart of my soul

By The rhythm in my gut

The drum flowing through my veins

The electric current shaping outer space

The bow and the fire

the arrow, the dragon you admire

That drum inside Remnants of new and old law hidden beneath

My Humility standing in the way of answers that haunt me


taunting at my consciousness

Sharing with me the ability to prove my existence

I know I must let let go

Of any conformity to forget what I’ve always been told

Push past my comfortability

then Hashem will once again

send me truths no one else can see

And I then Again I realize I am not alone

The more truths sent to me

The more my mind is blown

And I know

I must let go

Of any doubt once shown

For My inner light

Will no longer deny the

Magic of our reality

The work that is beyond you and me

I only know

I must accept the knowledge consistent in me

You can Call it a conspiracy

Call it black magic, or

Call it a dream

Just know; Hashem creates our life stream

For life as we truly know, is quite literally but a dream

Beyond all that is known

beyond all human comprehension

There’s no form of expression

Accurate enough to depict

Who I am, what I am, and what I will always be in the eyes of a manifestation of stars

A pilgrim of a never ending solar eclipse

On a journey to fulfill a prophecy

A covenant bound by The destiny of me is a solR plexus

An entity Realigned to give life hope and meaning

A purpose to take away strife

A world without war

A world united at its core

for all dimensions through all time space

For all walks of life,

plants, insects, animals, the human race

Every attempt to disbelieve the proof

has only but solidified the evidence

Becoming aloof

So clear now, so beyond concrete

My birth right set in stone

and unraveling the obsolete

The strength sent to my heart

through an abyss of fire, Water, wind, spiraling down worlds apart

Hashem, has always shown me these signs

Throughout my heaven here on earth I’ve come to find

Throughout all my years, through pain suffering victory and hurt

My cosmic memory unfolded through a divine awakening

With every breath I breathe and every lesson I perceive

The hidden secrets buried deep

My souls cosmic history

Sent clues from up above and from my past

The Hints sent to my heart

have become self realizations stemmed from another life in which

I’ve Come to find

The jogging of my cosmic inheritance goes so far back

That the same matter that held onto existence

Or life as as we know it

Was the energy that started all of this, Call it the big bang call a creationism,

But You mustn’t give into bliss

both science and G-d are one in the same

You and me are the beacon set free we’ve ended up here on the same plane

Bresishet or in the beginning

Out of darkness grew a light

An eternal flame that is us

only to be kept alive

Through a mass which held on

It held on so tight That a tiny ray of light Emerged into life as we know it

Became the miracle of miracles

The miracle of a ray survives out of the midst still today

We call it The miracle of life

once the vessels shattered this miracle became

The miracle of song

And then as if it was set to repeat

The miracle of light became the universe

Related to me

All of this that came from nothingness

A place that only knew darkness and where nothing else could survive

A vacuum of beams could flow and become multiplied

The arms of Sagittarius now stretched out

Open wide

And this is the energy that remains to this day

Is how The renewal of creation came to be

On a beam of light A life cycle was set in motion to survive

for the hands of time to reproduce, and revive

That’s why we celebrate hannukah

Hence “festival of lights “

KBM, 11/2017

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