About Karen Ben-Moyal (קרן בן מויאל)

With A Soul Rooted Deep in the heart of ‘One Lone Star State to Another,’ I am Karen Ben Moyal, 25 Years of Age, Born on a Friday night on the Eighteenth of December, Year 1992 A.D. to David BenMoyal and Sally (Fowlkes)  Ben Moyal. I am an Israeli Texas Citizen of the United States of America, which also means I am a sister of humanity. My Mission as of Jan. 2018, (upon obtaining my University of Houston Bachelors of Science degree in Foreign Affairs & political science/Minor in History), to continue efforts of Effective political activism right where I left off in college. TO keep this short, I am Looking towards Making Manifest Destiny Great Again after Successfully advocating long and hard to Make America Great Again, all throughout my achievements for fellow students and Americans during college years at a liberal university, I have found myself focused on a bigger task; As if it is my Civic duty, to not only Make America AWARE again, but to Unify our Ancient Glory on the global scale, there needs to be great emphasis on recognition of this Anti American view, as we earn our rights and freedoms we must also accept that Shining Away the Darkness of Nationalism, Disguised as patriotism in the West. ANd ultimately, to begin shining this light to the east. In sum, Independence has been long awaited for so many who cannot fathom living in a free society.  Eternal victory of light over darkness and justice for all, along with resilience, security, hope and glory, are well deserved by ‘All Men Endowed By their Creator.’ In other words, the universal rights governed by the Laws of Nature are deserved by all the world’s inhabitants. I aim to use the Eternal Flame Vested in my heart, soul, blood, inheritance, and spirit, to the best of my abilities with G/d’s strength, to focus my current position on resettling virtues long overdue. As much as I can embrace these notions to the world via wordress blog, I hereby wish to utilize my writing and passionate arguments to substantiate strategies of solid peace arrangements in as many continents as I can in this lifetime, for all cultures and regional discourses along the journey. In other words, I will obviously be utilizing effective diplomacy on this originally titled ‘blog of concern,’ so as to Embrace Treatises of Global Human Rights through Strategic Discourses using peace through strength, to begin the discussions that have yet been brought about, to my knowledge anyway, on the importance, significance, and moral objectives our society must conform to, along with Israeli allies and official sovereignty, to build bridges through foreign, economic, spiritual, historical, and Current Events (etc).  It is un American to deny your freedoms to others, therefore, we MUST Break down the Barriers which Shield the Gates of Intersection, currently Blocking the doors towards happiness for all cultures and civilizations, the human race is our strongest bond, brothers and sisters, mankind, we are a close knit Family of Miracles.  If all else fails, thank you for taking some time to Engage in my writings and ideas, even if they are of no interest to you. Above all, take good care of yourselves and those around you. G/d Bless.

Your Humble Servant,

KBM, 5/16/18

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